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ZBI 2511 – ND 250 bar – data sheet

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Suitable mounting parts DIN 24337

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ZBI 2511 – Standard hydraulic cylinders (DIN 24333) – Nominal pressure 250 bar (25 MPa) Inductive sensing

Good to know: The STORZ ZBI 2511 hydraulic cylinder was developed as a supplement to the ZBD 2511 cylinder series. The hydraulic cylinders have integrated proximity switches to provide notification of the end position.

  • For the electrical monitoring of the piston end position, number of strokes or stroke sequence without any complex designs for the mounting external limit switches
  • Designed for a nominal pressure of 250 bar
  • Available in 5 mounting types and 6 sealing variants for a wide range of applications
  • Installation dimensions according to ISO 6022, DIN 24 333 and VW 39D921
  • Compact, non-contact proximity switches, pressure-resistant up to 500 bar
  • Electrical connection using plug connection

Technical data

Nominal pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa)
Static test pressure: 375 bar (37,5 MPa)
Piston diameter: 40-250 mm (larger than special version)
Area ratio j: 1,6 and 2
Temperature range: -20…+80 °C
Viscosity range: 10…600 mm²/s
Lifting speed: 0 – 1 m/s depending on seal variant
Operating medium: Mineral oil according to DIN 51524, HFD fluids HFA, HFB and HFC fluids possible through special designs

Electrical data

Operating voltage U: 10-30 V
Switching interval Sr: 1,2 +/-0,2 mm
Switching hysteresis: <20% of switching interval
No-load current:: <=10 mA
Current-carrying capacity IA: <=200 mA (at 80 °C)
Reproducibility R: <=5 %
Switching frequency: 1 kHz
Operating temperature: -20…+80 °C
Output function: Make contact element
Residual current IR: <=80 µA within load circuit when switch is blocked

Mechanical Data

Case material: Material-No: 4104
Type of attachment: Plug-in connection
Cable type: 3m long cable, 3×0,34 mm
Degree of protection: DIN 40050 IP68

Circuit diagram

zbi-2511_circuit diagram

Mounting types


A Basic design


MT4 Trunnion


MF3 Round flange on cylinder head


MF4 Round flange at cylinder bottom


MP4 Swivel eye


MP6 Compound eye

Storz Hydraulik Differentialzylinder