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In the picturesque region of Vorarlberg, Austria, a technological marvel is hidden: The Obervermuntwerk II, the second-largest high-pressure pumped storage power plant of illwerke vkw AG. In just under five years, this million-dollar project was transformed from vision into reality.

Operational since the fall/winter of 2019, it became the most advanced energy facility. The mission: to provide peak and control energy to support the stability of the European power grid. The machines can supply electricity within 100 seconds when needed.

In this informative video, you will gain a vivid insight into the milestones and technical functionality of the machine sets.

How the Obervermuntwerk works

The video illustrates not only the speed but also the flexibility of the power plant. The machine set can switch from power generation to pumping operation in just 60 seconds. The secret behind this mechanism lies in a sophisticated coupling that connects the turbine to the generator. Two specially crafted custom cylinders come into play here.

These special cylinders had unique requirements, such as a complex housing specification, which was constantly checked for collisions through the exchange of CAD data. What sets this cylinder apart is its external geometry, oil supply through piston rods, bidirectional end position damping, and anti-rotation features. Through close collaboration and technical expertise, this custom cylinder for the pumped storage power plant was realized.

We are very pleased to have contributed to this important energy source!

Why are these types of energy sources so crucial?

Pumped storage power plants generate and store energy, playing a crucial role in the energy industry:

  • Energy Storage: Pumped storage power plants primarily serve as large energy storage systems. They allow the storage of surplus energy during times of low demand and release it when demand is high. This contributes to the stability and reliability of the power grid by balancing fluctuations in supply and demand.
  • Balancing Renewable Energy Sources: With the increased use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, there is a growing need for energy storage. Pumped storage power plants can absorb excess energy from wind and solar power plants when energy generation is high and feed it back into the grid when renewable sources generate less power.
  • Quick Responsiveness: Pumped storage power plants can switch to operating mode within seconds to respond to unforeseen fluctuations in the power grid. This is particularly important for ensuring grid stability and frequency regulation.
  • Efficiency: Pumped storage power plants are generally highly efficient. They can store and release energy with minimal losses, making them an economical option for energy storage.
  • Grid Expansion and Reinforcement: Pumped storage power plants can help reduce the need for expensive grid reinforcements and expansions. They offer a cost-effective way to address bottlenecks in power transmission.
  • Supply Security: During network disturbances or shortages, pumped storage power plants can serve as emergency power supply, maintaining electricity supply.

Innovative Custom Cylinders for Diverse Applications – Tailor-Made Solutions

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