Storz Hydraulik Gleichgangszylinder

Storz Hydraulik Gleichgangszylinder Storz Hydraulik Gleichgangszylinder

Technical Documents

ZG 1605 – ND 160 bar – data sheet

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ZG 1605 – ND 160 bar – Data sheet english

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Suitable mounting DIN 24555/24556

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ZG 1605 – Standard hydraulic cylinders (ISO 6020/2) – Nominal pressure 160 bar with piston rod on both sides

Good to know: These hydraulic cylinders are designed according to the modular principle and have a piston rod emerging on both sides. The cylinder barrel, cylinder head and cylinder base are connected to one another by tie rods – the logical addition to the internationally standardized 160 bar tie rod cylinder series.
Their components essentially correspond to the standardized ZBD 1605 series.

  • Two piston rod diameters are assigned to each piston diameter
  • High degree of availability, stockable spare parts and future-proof design
  • Developed as an addition to the Storz ZBD 1605 series hydraulic cylinder, which was designed in accordance with ISO 6020/2 and DIN 24554.
  • 3 mounting types available as standard
  • Several sealing variants to choose from, for a wide range of applications

Technical data

Nominal pressure: 160 bar (16 MPa)
Static test pressure: 240 bar (24 MPa)
Piston diameter: 25-200 mm
Area ratio j: 1,25 and 2
Temperature range: -20…+80 °C
Viscosity range: 10…600 mm²/s
Lifting speed: 0 – 0,5 m/s depending on seal variant
Operating medium:
Mineral oil according to DIN 51524, HFD fluids HFA, HFB and HFC fluids possible through special designs

Mounting types


ME5 rectangular flange on cylinder head


MS2 lateral foot mounting


MT4 Variable trunnion