Storz Hydraulik Teleskopzylinder

Storz Hydraulik Teleskopzylinder Storz Hydraulik Teleskopzylinder

Technical Documents

ZTW 212 – ND 120 bar – data sheet

PDF-document [1.77 MB]

Suitable mounting parts

DIN 24337

PDF-Dokument [775.3 KB]

ZTW 212 – Double-acting telescopic cylinder with displacement measuring system – Nominal pressure 120 bar (12 MPa)

Good to know: Here we have further developed the ZT 212 double-acting telescopic cylinder series in response to increased customer demand.

  • standardized
  • with a stroke length of up to 5000 mm, in 2- or 3- stage versions (available with more stages on request).
  • integrated displacement transducer, completely enclosed, sealed off (IP69K)
  • internally installed, pressure-resistant wire-actuated encoder for recording the displacement of the piston rod
  • reliable, absolute encoding of the stroke at every stage
  • for repeat accuracies of 0.2 mm.
  • for analog values, CANopen and redundant measurement
  • Plug connector as connection interface

Technical data

Nominal pressure: 120 bar (12 MPa)
Static test pressure: 180 bar (18 MPa)
Piston diameter: 63 – 140 mm (others possible on request)
Temperature range -20 °C … +80 °C (through hydraulic fluid)
Viscosity range: (10 … 600) 10-6 m²/s
Lifting speed: 0 – 0,5 m/s
Operating medium: Mineral oil according to DIN 51524, HFD fluids

Mounting types


B Trunnion (S.4)


CA Round flange on cylinder head (S.6)


CD Round flange at cylinder bottom (S.7)


DB Joint eye at bottom (S.8)


EA-1 Foot mounting (S.9)


EA-2 Foot mounting (S.10)

Storz Hydraulik Teleskopzylinder