Storz Hydraulik Differentialzylinder

Storz Hydraulik Differentialzylinder Storz Hydraulik Differentialzylinder

Technical Documents

ZBD 2511 – ND 250 bar – data sheet

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Suitable mounting parts DIN 24337

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ZBD 2511 – Standard hydraulic cylinders (DIN 24333) – Nominal pressure 250 bar (25 MPa)

Good to know: The STORZ ZBD 2511 series hydraulic cylinder for a nominal pressure of 250 bar complies with the ISO 6022, DIN 24333 and VW 39D921 standards.

  • International interchangeability due to stipulating the fastening dimensions, installation length, surface ratios, piston rod ends and connecting threads
  • Same installation dimensions for cylinders with and without end position damping
  • Two rod diameters assigned to each piston diameter as standard (corresponding area ratios j=1.6 and j=2)
  • 5 standardized mounting methods and 6 sealing variants as standard
  • Position for line connections, vents and throttle screws is freely configurable

Technical data

Nominal pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa)
Static test pressure: 375 bar (37,5 MPa)
Piston diameter: 40-250 mm (larger than special version)
Area ratio j: 1,6 and 2
Temperature range: -20…+80 °C
Viscosity range: 10…600 mm²/s
Lifting speed: 0 – 1 m/s depending on seal variant
Operating medium: Mineral oil according to DIN 51524, HFD fluids HFA, HFB and HFC fluids possible through special designs

Mounting types


A Basic design


MT4 Trunnion


MF3 round flange on cylinder head


MF4 round flange at cylinder bottom


MP4 Swivel eye at cylinder bottom


MP6 Joint eye at cylinder bottom

Storz Hydraulik DifferentialzylinderStorz Hydraulik Differentialzylinder